Blanket update…

The blanket is growing! It’s currently 54ins across. I’m aiming for 70ins, the same width as a double duvet – so 16ins to go, including hem!
I’ve just recieved some cable connectors from Wibbling Wools ( ), and I’m very excited about making my cable longer (geek alert!) as I’m doing a fair bit of stitch shuffling., Now the only question is how am I going to hem it?! Off to Ravelry…


The blanket project

Yesterday my new 1m50 KnitPro interchangeable cable ( ) arrived, so I switched my blanket project onto it. The blanket is hopefully going to be big enough to cover my double bed, so it needs to at least double in size!
The pattern is the Spiral Blanket of Awesomeness designed by Sharon McMahon (of ) which I found on Ravelry ( ).
This is probably going to be the last time it lies (fairly!) flat until it’s off the cables, so it was worth a photo! The picture was taken as it was halfway off the 1m cable and halfway on to the 1m50, so it’s fairly big already – 7 skeins and counting at this point!  The yarn is Sirdar Indie shade 160 in super chunky on 12mm needles.

Blanket 17/4/13

Knitting in the dark

For years and years I’ve been knitting in the dark.

I had always thought that knitting was a bit of a solitary activity, and that most knitting patterns were a bit old-fashioned, long-winded and borning.  Having made various scarves and fiddling with my own made-up patterns to make a series of odd-looking animals, I was seized by desire to knit a jumper.

After much asking around various crafty people, I found my local yarn shop, and discovered that their patterns weren’t at all old fashioned and boring!  And this is where the obsession re-started.  So many colours.  So many textures!  Someone mentioned Ravelry ( ).

So, a few knitting patterns down the line, I’ve discovered a whole world that I never knew exited – knitting groups, knitting blogs, knitting communities.

I had no idea that knitting could be such a social activity!  I’ve started getting my knitting out at work in lunchbreaks, in pubs, on trains etc, it’s absolutely amazing how many people come over to talk about what you’re knitting.  Especially with my latest project, the Spiral Blanket of Awesomeness from Yarnista – – a lot of people can’t get their heads around what it actiually is, as it’s gathered on a cable, and not lying flat (yet!).

So here we go, I’m joining in the social knitting…