A busy summer so far…

So, I’ve been out enjoying the hot weather for the last few weeks, and have not been able to bear knitting anything woolly!

I went to a knitting group two weeks ago, and all we did was sit and drink lemonade and discuss how little knitting we were doing because of the heat. A little pointless, but still good fun!

The blanket is now fully knitted, though it is so big and warm now, I’m going to have to wait for some cooler weather to weave in the ends and start using it. It ended up a little bigger than a double duvet, and the colours just merge and ripple in beautiful ways, especially on the outer edges where the colourways don’t pool as much.

So my current project ( which is progressing very slowly in this heat!) is top secret, as it is a present for someone who follows this blog. They know they are going to receive something, but they don’t know what it is…but there will be pictures when the time comes!

I’m also debating switching disciplines temporarily and turning to sewing to make something for a friend – it’s pretty daunting though, as I haven’t done any proper sewing for about ten years!


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