Bow tie, pocket square, cufflinks project

I still had some scraps of silk left over.

I decided to make my lovely long – suffering boyfriend a bow tie, pocket square and cufflinks for my Dad’s wedding too.


The pocket square was really easy. I used a square of paper as a pattern, then rolled and stitched the sides. I reinforced the corners too.

I found a bowtie pattern on Tie a Tie – it was really easy to follow! The hardest bit I found was turning the tie back round the right way – in the end I used a knitting needle (the blunter the better!)

The cufflinks were a bit different. I went into my local craft shop – Creative Crafts in Winchester – and they supplied me with metal cufflink backs and resin. I cut tiny squares of silk, and covered them with layers of resin (12 in total).

Here he is wearing all three – looking very dapper!!


Apologies for the lack of piccies on this one, I had to make them in secret so I could present them to him on the day!


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