Mum’s pajama bottoms

For my mum’s birthday in November, I decided to make her a pair of pajama bottoms. I chose a green and white polkadot cotton.

The pattern I followed was Margot from Tilly Walnes (from

Tilly and the Buttons

) book Love at First Stitch. It was a lovely pattern to follow:


I added a pocket – as suggested by Tilly in the adaptations part of her book. I also decided to add a ribbon binding around the edge too!


Tilly’s pattern asked for a ribbon drawstring, but I didn’t gave quite enough of the lovely blue polkadot ribbon, so I sewed two bits of the ribbon to the inside of the drawstring channel, and put in some elastic too.


Having ribbon edged the pocket, I ribbon edged the drawstring channel and bottom of the legs too.


It all started hanging together quite nicely!


I also got to use the custom ribbon from The Ribbon Printers that I’m planning to use instead of labels. This looped over the waistband.


And here is my mum in them!!




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