Alice in Wonderland dress

I decided to try and design my own dress, to wear to a couple of weddings we were going to in the summer. I knew I wanted a square neckline, no sleeves, knee length and a full skirt.


I found a lovely strong blue cotton twill at Fabric Land, and started experimenting with darts, necklines and armholes…


It was a bit fiddly to get right, but once the bodice was pretty much there, the skirt was a bit easier. I seems I was a bit lax in taking photos of the process!


Here it is at the first wedding – I dressed it up with a sequinned jacket and a little handmade brooch (and a top hat and moustache…it was the dress code!)
I had a few meters of very old broderie anglaise to trim it with.
It was at this first wedding that I realised it was an Alice in Wonderland dress!


Here is a picture of it at the next wedding a week later (different group of friends, so I could get away with it!)
I found a 1960’s petticoat on ebay that makes it stand out nicely.


There’s a little peek of the petticoat! I had to do an emergency take – in of the skirt before the first wedding, as it was much bigger than the petticoat!


Oh and here is the fascinator that I whipped up to match the dress!
Overall, I was quite pleased with my first attempt at designing a dress and sewing without a pattern!


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