Emerald ball gown

I had a ball to go to, and none of the dresses I had quite fit the bill – I needed a floor length satiny number!
I found Simplicity 2442 and picked out an emerald duchesse satin from Fabric Land.


The bodice took a bit of time to come together, as it was ruched and lined as well as interfaced.


I liked the top of the sleeves and the neckline for this dress. I was planning on doing a lot of dancing at the ball, so I needed something that would stay in place!



The bodice was ruched by hand, and finished by hand. I had to be very precise and neat with my hand stitching – not my strongest point!


The midsection was ruched by thread pulling, another thing I hadn’t done before, it took a few minutes to get it even, but I was happy with it in the end.


Once the bodice was in place, I pinned the skirt up to see how it looked!


Here it is at the ball! The zip was a bit tricky to get in as the ruched waist was so thick, and I did have to tack the bottom of the V in the neckline so I wasn’t showing too much flesh when I leant over!
And of course Mike had a pocket square, bowtie and cufflinks to match – he even cut his own bowtie out!



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