Peacock curtains!

We moved house in the summer, and the new house had no curtains. I had one old set that we put up in the bedroom, but decided to make ones for every other room.

I found some beautiful fabric months ago that has been sat in my sewing room ever since. It is a thick blue and cream woven peacock fabric which is actually reversible – you can have blue peacocks on a cream background, or cream peacocks on a blue background. My lounge is mainly cream, so I went for the side of the fabric with more blue.
Today I finally got a full afternoon to make the curtains! (Full project approx 5 hrs with snack break.)

I’ve never made curtains before, but I have studied a few professionally-made sets, and had a long curtain-making chat with my grandmother this morning so muddled my way through…


I started by laying out the fabric and the lining on my lounge floor, which was the biggest surface I could manage. I also brought my sewing machine out of the sewing room as the sewing room wasn’t really set up for large quantities of stiff fabric!


I pinned the side seams, and stitched the lining so it wouldn’t be seen from the back.


Once I had done both side seams, I gave it a good press.


I stitched the header tape along the top, hiding the lining seam, and leaving one end open so I could ruch the curtain.


I pressed the bottom turn up and invisibly stitched it up.


I pulled the cords and ruched the top, and hung it up to check it was ok before doing the other one!
I did the second one in the same way (albeit a lot quicker now I knew what I was doing) and made sure it was the same length when I hemmed it.


Once hung, they looked beautiful, and actually are the same length!


I made sure the ruching was even, and tied off the ends but didn’t cut them. I threaded them through a curtain ring behind, so they are invisible. By not cutting them, if I move later on and want slightly wider curtains, I can un-ruch these a bit and they might fit.

I’m pretty proud of these as a first go at curtains, and they certainly do the job. It’s nice to finally have something covering the window in the lounge too!
I know I’ve glossed over some details on this post, but I’m happy to answer any questions if you’re looking for advice on your first curtains – just add a comment



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